Elan is the visionary, founder, and CEO of a Specialty health group, with 20 years of experience- he is responsible for the strategic planning and efforts that nurture the continuous growth of his multi-divisional healthcare company. Elan established QuickRx in 2001, focusing on underserved communities in New York, and has since continued expanding to encompass all the states. Constantly raising the standard for patient care, Elan acquired his first Long Term Care pharmacy in Florida in 2010. By 2011, Elan owned and operated over 22 pharmacies, spanning from New York to Florida, demonstrating his comprehensive knowledge and versatility in the pharmacy industry from retail to specialty.

Along the way, in 2014, Elan teamed up with an ER physician, Dr. Jason Deutsch, and founded Cure Urgent Care. Cure's missions were to deliver emergency care to the most vulnerable communities in New York City. It established itself as the staple in the communities, and where Elan currently serves as the CEO. Always looking for opportunities and needs that were not being met, in 2018, Elan saw a tremendous shift into out-patient care from the urgent care outflow and created the Speciality Infusion Centers. Currently, Elan serves as the CEO with eight locations in the New York area and a strategic plan to expand to the entire United States.

As an active leader in his field, Elan is a member of organizations such as The American Pharmacist Association (APA), The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), and the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA). Through partnerships and joint ventures, Elan has invested in a multitude of healthcare-related businesses, including urgent care centers, assisted living facilities, and infusion centers. Elan is an avid supporter of causes including cancer and HIV research and a proud contributor to foundations and charities, including the Lustgarten Foundation, Hormone Therapy Centers of America (HTCA), and The Bridge.


Elena has been a member of the QuickRx Pharmacy team since March of 2009 and is an excellent example of QuickRx’s growth philosophy. When she first joined the team, Elena took on the role of Purchasing Specialist. While working as a Purchasing Specialist, she gained and cultivated knowledge imperative to the pharmaceutical field. Her steadfastness and attention to detail served her in acquiring her current role as Executive Vice President of Operations.

In her current role, Elena develops and nurtures 340B partnerships, and collaborates with hospitals, FQHCs and manufacturers on creating new distribution solutions to better serve our patients. Elena is an avid supporter of providing all children with access to free healthcare.

Elena attended the Moldova State University where she received a Bachelor’s of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2008. She is trilingual speaking the English, Russian, and Romanian languages.


Dan Sweatman is the Chief Operations Officer for Specialty Health. With his experience in healthcare services, Dan brings an abundance of expertise to Specialty Health. Previously, he served as a Regional Lead at Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA) and OptumCare, a health services firm that partners with physicians, health plans and health systems to develop and operate ambulatory surgery centers and support independent physician practices. There, he led operations and growth for SCA’s New England portfolio of surgery centers. Earlier Dan worked at Goldman Sachs’ healthcare investment banking practice, covering the healthcare services and diagnostics space.

Dan is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and served 11 years as a helicopter pilot in the Navy. In his spare time Dan is a Commander in the Navy Reserve and volunteers as a Naval Academy field admissions officer.

Core Values

Turn ideas into reality faster than less nimble competitors—speed to market
Operate without fear—spot financial opportunities in communities that other companies won’t embrace
Find market opportunities like infusion therapy that can’t be outsourced or delivered by UPS
Grow business organically versus expanding through acquisition
Deliver a great customer experience—whether it’s pharmacy services or infusion therapy, we consistently exceed patient expectations
Find solutions that benefit both patients and payers
Plan and execute successful exit strategies